Mission & history

Cardiatis’ mission is to develop a state of the art medical devices platform dedicated to aneurysm and aortic dissection that will bring new solutions to current technological limitations when dealing with complex cases and benefits patients, physicians and, ultimately, our society.

Founded in 2002, Cardiatis is headquartered in Isnes (Region of Namur). Over the last decade our researchers and engineers have developed in close collaboration with physicians a completely new approach to aneurysm repair based on hemodynamic with a focus on physiological, rather than just mechanical, disease treatment.

Today our MFM® platform represents a real alternative for people suffering from aneurysms. It can boast of a total patient-centric approach with proven safety and efficacy track record as well as unique capabilities in terms of branches patency, improved organs perfusion and complex cases management. Ultimately improving the patients’ quality of life.