The Bifurcated MFM

Intended use

The Bifurcated MFM®, using the CAMS BMFM delivery system, and including two bifurcation leg extension components (CAMS LE), is currently being investigated for endovascular treatment of patients with unruptured thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms involving iliac arteries, with morphology suitable for endovascular repair.


  • Physiological remodeling and healing of the aneurysmal artery while maintaining branch vessel patency
  • Endothelialization and integration as the uncovered device allows endothelial tissue to be generated on the braided structure
  • Pararenal and juxtarenal conformability, with renal artery coverage allowed due to the MFM® branch perfusion capabilities
  • Durability based on the multilayer braided design of the cobalt
    alloy wires
  • Low-profile push-pull, and kink-resistant reinforced
    delivery system 320mm_std503160413_c_new2