Aortic MFM

Intended use

The Aortic MFM® is currently CE-mark approved for the endovascular treatment of patients with unruptured complex aortic aneurysms (aortic aneurysm involving at least one branch artery) with morphology suitable for endovascular repair.


  • Physiological remodeling and healing of the aneurysmal artery while maintaining branch vessel patency and improving perfusion
  • Endothelialization and integration, as the uncovered device allows endothelial tissue to be generated on the braided structure
  • The flared ends of the Aortic MFM® promote compliance with the aortic wall and ensure optimal sealing at both proximal and distal landing zones to avoid the risk of type I and III endoleaks
  • Conformability to complex aortic anatomy in challenging thoracoabdominal regions
  • Durability based on the with the multilayer braided design of the cobalt alloy wires
  • Low Profile, push-pull and kink-resistant reinforced delivery system

The Aortic MFM® is under clinical investigation for a total treatment of chronic type B aortic dissection. The MFM® restores the flow in the true lumen and ensures the thrombosis or the reduction of the false lumen while keeping branches patent.

Dr. Edward B. Diethrich talking about MFM®

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