FLOW LAMINATION The unique three-dimensional braided structure of the Multilayer Flow Modulator (MFM ® ) transforms pathophysiological(that is, recirculating) blood flow in the aneurysm into a laminar “healing” flow that removes radial stress on the artery wall and reduces the risk of rupture.
BRANCH PERFUSION The three-dimensional braided wire mesh of the MFM ® preserves blood flow into and the patency of branch arteries and improves perfusion of organs.
ORGANIZED THROMBUS FORMATION The technology of the MFM ® promotes formation of an organized thrombus inside the aneurysmal sac, thereby protecting the artery wall from potential rupture.
INTEGRATION The unique hemodynamic effect and capacity for compliance of the MFM ® support the endothelialization of the device along the artery wall, while creating an organized laminar flow into branch arteries and maintaining their patency.
SIMPLICITY With faster, easier, and less invasive implantation procedures, even in complex anatomies, x-ray exposure is reduced for both patients and medical staff. SHORT PROCEDURE LESS X-RAYEXPOSURE
OFF THE SHELF The MFM ® is readily available off the shelf in a wide range of sizes. Support for planning and deployment strategies is readily available from the Cardiatis Corelab group.
Hynes N. et al., Systematic Review and Patient-Level Meta-analysis of the Streamliner Multilayer Flow Modulator in the Management of Complex Thoracoabdominal Aortic Pathology, J Endovasc Ther, 2016, 23(3), 501-512.